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Apparently there is a new fangled craze happening where you go outside and hunt Pokemon which can only be seen with the use of an app installed on your phone.

Now, Master Heeed upon hearing this wanted to go out and see if he could find some of these monsters in our locality. So with the app installed on my phone of we went hunting.

During the hunt it became apparent that it would probably be a better idea for him to have his own phone and be able to hunt by himself when we go out. So during a visit to Asda the following day we found ourselves in front of the mobile phones display.

Out of ones on display the Alcatel Pixi 4 (5") stuck out as a fair balance between features and cost with the following specifications for £55:

  • 5" Screen
  • Android 6
  • 1GB RAM
  • 3G connectivity
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Internal storage 8GB (3.6GB available to the user)
  • SD Card (upto 32GB)
  • Micro SIM (Apparently locked to Asda PAYG)
  • 2000ma/h Battery / Micro USB charging
  • 8MP Camera with flash / 5MP Front Camera with Flash
  • 3.5mm audio jack

The phone, so I was told by the Asda staff, is locked to the Asda network but it was fine with two other networks SIM cards when tested out of the box.

Setup was the normal Android way of signing into your account and following the on screen instructions and after a while it was ready to hunt Pokemon.

In use the phones screen was found to be fine and was responsive to touch and apart from an initial niggle with GPS, It ran the Pokemon Go app fine with no performance issues.

The phones GPS, at first, can take a while to establish a lock on your location and when compared to another phone it appears that the reception strength of the GPS signal from the satellites is very weak. That said, when it does get a lock it's fine.

Battery life is sufficient for a few hours playing of Pokemon Go..this can be extended with the use of a third party external USB battery.

Overall for £55 this is a fine budget phone to let the kids roam around with whilst hunting Pokemon and at its in the price range of not breaking the bank if its damaged.

ps, If, like Master Heeed, your feel your kids are not quite old enough to have a phone then you can leave the SIM card out and disable the phone software on the phone. When out and about you can share your data from your phone to theirs via tethering. It keeps them close by because if they wonder too far they loose data and the game stops :D

pixi 4
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