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Today I received my Monzo card through the post.

Monzo is an upcoming bank that is aiming to disrupt the way that we currently bank. In their own words:

Built for your smartphone, this is banking like never before. One that updates your balance instantly, gives intelligent notifications, and is easy to use.

When they say instantly it is instant...using it whilst shopping today, I got a notification from the app that I had made a purchase just after the card terminal had finished beeping.

The app, at the moment, displays a history of transactions and how much you have spent and it also allows you to disable your card.
This should be useful as with one tap its disabled and with another it's re-enabled...hopefully banishing the days of finding your missing cash card just after you had phoned the bank to cancel it and send you a new one.

They have plans to start offering full banking services shortly.

More details: Monzo

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