micro:bit and the quest for speakers

micro:bit and the quest for speakers

Now we all know that the micro:bit can make noise either with makecode or Python but out of the box its quite a quiet little thing.

Luckily you can use some crocodile clips to connect a pair of standard headphones or use the amp:bit but these keep the awesome the music to the user.

However another way would be to make some speakers for use with the micro:bit...so whilst browsing the local poundland I found some of these:


After getting them back to the workshop the back of one of the speakers was removed by unscrewing the three retaining screws:


A quick use of the soldering iron and the cable was disconnected from the speaker and removed from the back cover.

A pair of crocodile clips were then snipped in half and the ends stripped:


These cables were then fed through the hole where the original cable had gone through. The hole needed to be enlarged slighty to allow both cables to comfortably fit through:


After the cables were through a quick bit of soldering connected the new cables to the speaker:


and the speaker case was screwed back together:



This shows that for the cost of £10, some crocodile clips and a bit of time twenty individual speakers can be created to for use in a classroom or CodeClub even.